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10 ways you think more like a Technician: The Fallacy of the Technician (Part 2)

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First things first.

Muslimpreneur noun              : An entrepreneur (not a technician) 

In Fallacy of the Technician (Part 1) we learned a few things.

1. Steve Jobs probably thinks you're crazy
2. You may (or will have to) work 63% harder then your non-entrepreneur friends
3. In The E Myth (Revisited), Micheal E. Gerber argues that most businesses are started by technicians, not entrepreneurs, which is why most businesses fail. 

Story time! 

A technician is a person who excels at a trade or skill. A technician can be anyone. They can be a baker, an artist, a hair dresser, a doctor, a seamstress, a writer..etc. A technician is usually good at what they do, and generally enjoy doing their work. 

then something happens...

They have what Micheal E. Gerber terms as an Entrepreneurial Seizure (warning this might sound like you).

Possible scenarios of Entrepreneurial Seizures
  • You go to work and say "I am not getting paid enough for this," I am going to start a business.
  • You say "I hate my boss. Peace out, its time to do this on my own"
  • You say "I can do this way better than my superiors can."
  • You do something and everyone goes crazy of it, and you take their advice when they say" hey you should really do more of this" (start a business) 

Then the Technician tries to be an Entrepreneur. They start a business based on the commodity. Someone starts a bake shop because they are good at baking. Someone starts a fashion retail shop because they can sew their butt off. Someone starts a barbershop because they can cut hair like no other and so forth and so forth. What the technician is not seeing is what happens next.

They get ready to bake and a phone rings. Then someone needs a larger order, over the capacity of what they can handle. Perhaps they have too many customers and try their hand at hiring and managing for the first time in their lives. Perhaps they have too few customers and reach a wall. Perhaps. Perhaps. The responsibilities become too much and what was a passion turns into a burden. What happened to baking?? You see, the technician is doomed to fail from the start because of the way they think.

Micheal E. Gerber argues that getting into the mindset of the Entrepreneur is the only way to truly be successful. It is something that anyone can do with some soul-searching, conditioning, and delving into some serious strategies. 

Before I started writing about the Fallacy of the Technician (Part 1), I realized that there has been some counterarguments to the E Myth. Many folks argue that the E Myth is obsolete. They argue, with easy Internet access, an endless availability of information, and the overreaching impact of social media every technician has a fighting chance. If that were the case however, then why aren't small businesses succeeding more? The statistics show that in some cases the failure rate of small businesses is increasing! Why are people committing the same mistakes over and over again if the internet is the great equalizer? 

Because it is a mindset, one that must be conquered. Having access to information does not make someone more knowledgeable. Lets take the first step into entrepreneurship shall we? Here are some no nos to recognize. If you have any other suggestions then feel free to post them below.

10 ways you think more like a Technician rather then an Entrepreneur

1. You think in terms of yourself and your needs rather than your customer and their needs. (article coming soon)

2. You focus on the commodity (the service and the product) rather then the business. 

3. You have never written a strategy of some sorts (sales, growth or marketing)

4. You think in terms of the present and "what should I do next?" vs the future and "how do I get there?"  [Tactical vs. Strategic] (article coming soon)

5. You have never analyzed or read the data on your customers. Sign up for Google Analytics now please.

6. You think that you work in your business, rather then the business working for you. (article coming soon)

7. You do not reinvest money back into your business.

8. You do not utilize Social media to your advantage. (article coming soon)

9. You do not feel the need or desire to know more when it comes to your business.

10. You do not see yourself as entrusted by Allah as a business owner to strive for Ihsan (excellence)

"Inna Allah kataba al ihsan `ala kul shay"

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That's why I am starting this blog. So that we can come together and reach that level in our businesses. Help me along this path by liking this post or sharing it if you think it has value to any that may benefit. Inshallah there will be more to come.

peace and blessings,

Nafiza J. 

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